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Cooperative Services and Information

Phone Services

Service Applications, Changes, and Discontinuances:
Changes, additions, and discontinuances of service can be handled, in most cases, by placing a telephone call to our business office. However, first time applicants must visit our business office and provide proper identification. (606) 287-7101 (606) 593-5000

Local Service Rates
Residential Local Service: $18.00/month
Business Local Service:

Service Charges & Fees 
Membership Fee: $10.00
Re-install Res/Bus Single Line Phone: $25.00
New Residential Phone Install: $25.00
New Business Phone Install: $25.00
Cable Re-install Res/Bus:
New Cable Install Res/Bus:
Cable Jack Install:
$25.00 Additional
Phone Jack Install:
$25.00 Additional 

EBill offers a new way to look at your telephone bill any time you want + have the flexibility of making a payment on line from anywhere you can get to the internet.

With PRTC EBill you can see what your current telephone bill is as well as past telephone bills the same as if you had received the bill in the mail.  You will have the ability to look at your long distance calls and find out who the call is made to with a click of a mouse.  You can see in detail, charges for what equipment you are billed for and also current transactions. You can also print your bill if you need to.  

You can pay your bill with a check, credit or debit card and also sign up for recurring payments. 

When you set up your account you will use your account number and a password that will keep your account secure from other viewers.

Contact PRTC today to set your password for your account. 287-7101 or email and request for a representative to call you at home.

If you have already set up your password, click here to login.